PENDENTE LITE  was founded to address the needs of legal practitioners, insurance adjusters, and their clients as an alternative solution to resolving their disputes.  Our extensive experience in the field of litigation allows us to assess the respective positions of the parties and make recommendations regarding the several criteria necessary to effect a resolution satisfactory to everyone.   We allow the parties and their attorneys to choose which forum will best suit their specific needs.  We offer the choice of binding arbitration, case mediation, and case consultation.  We assure you and your clients the high degree of personalized attention and thorough preparation upon which our reputation has been built and maintained since 2004.

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Patrick D. Monserrate has had a lengthy and distinguished career as a legal practitioner and jurist, having built a solid reputation for his expansive knowledge, thorough research, diligent preparation, and expeditious, concise, well-written decisions. 

Pat is currently sitting as a Judicial Hearing Officer in several Judicial Districts.  He held the Broome County elected offices of County Court Judge (1982-1989), District Attorney (1970-1981) and State Supreme Court Justice in (1990-2003), during which he was appointed as Administrative Judge (1995-1998) for the Sixth Judicial District by the Appellate Division, Third Department.

Pat is a 1960 graduate of Albany Law School (Union University) and a 1957 graduate of Georgetown University.  He is a member of the New York State Bar Association, and is a current member of the New York State Commission on the Jury.  In the past, Pat has held the presidency of the New York State District Attorneys Association (1979) and has held memberships with the New York State Association of Supreme Court Justices, the New York State Advisory Commission on Criminal Sanctions, and the New York State Advisory Committee on Criminal Law & Procedure.  He is a lecturer with the New York State Judicial Seminar, has held adjunct positions at two SUNY colleges (Broome Community College and Binghamton University), and has instructed at the Broome County Law Enforcement Academy.  Pat teaches the Basic Course for Prosecutors annually at the New York State Prosecutors Training Institute at Syracuse Law School, and gives the annual Criminal Law Update for the Appellate Division, Third Department.

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